Here, we will guide you from the front door of GINZA SIX to PLAID entrance.

  1. Start from the front of GINZA SIX

    Walk from the nearest subway Ginza station A2 exit or A3 exit to the front of GINZA SIX.

    Image of the Front of GINZA SIX
  2. Go to your left and turn right at the corner of GINZA SIX.
    Image of the corner of GINZA SIX
  3. Walk along GINZA SIX on your right

    Continue along the road between GINZA SIX and Mizuho Bank (Miyuki Street)
    ※ There is a road crossing GINZA SIX on the way, but please proceed.

    Image of Miyuki Street
  4. Go to the office entrance

    When you come to the next corner of GINZA SIX, there is an office entrance.
    Please enter GINZA SIX from it.

    Image of the office entrance
  5. Take the elevator to 7F

    Enter the office entrance then you will find an elevator hall on your left.
    Please take this elevator to the sky lobby on the 7th floor.

    Image of the elevator hall
  6. Reception at the Sky lobby

    When you get off the elevator there is an office reception on your left and a security gate on your right.
    Please tell the receptionist that you visited PLAID.

    Image of Sky Lobby, 7th floor
  7. From the north security gate to 10F by elevator

    After reception, please go through the north side security gate and get the elevator to 10F.

    Image of the security gate
  8. Welcome to PLAID!

    Exit the elevator and there is a PLAID entrance on the west side.
    Please call the reception number from the reception screen.

    Image of PLAID entrance