Purpose & Mission



We wanted to establish a company, where we can actively support our members to be fully engaged in what they believe, fulfill their potential, and above all, have fun.

We will continue to provide more exciting opportunities and support people through data and technology, so that they can enjoy their creativity, bringing out new value to the future.


Maximize the Value of People
with the Power of Data

Human creativity is essential to maximizing the value of the diverse and complex data that continues to tremendously grow around the world. By enabling people to intuitively work with big, complex, and unstructured data, using their flexible ideas and senses, we aim to "bring out the best of data and people to maximize mutual value."

The value of new data generated by the power of people will be funneled back into each person’s daily experience and life through companies and services.

We will focus on creating a world, which data naturally becomes the infrastructure that supports society.

First-party customer data and all corporate data
Develop and provide our product using cutting-edge technologies to each and everyone
Ideas and creativity of people
Mission & Business conceptual drawing
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