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Towards the Future of Data and PeopleTowards the Future of Data and PeopleTowards the Future of Data and People

Our corporate mission is to "Maximize the Value of People with Power of Data".
Nowadays, numerous services are provided through the Internet, but many companies can hardly understand the status quo of each customer who visits their sites and mobile applications.
Are they enjoying the moment of using the service, are they in trouble, or do they want to share the experience with someone else? All these people with different situations are counted equally as "one user" even though the case varies from people to people.

Instead of being able to see the emotions and experiences of individual users, we tend to focus on quantified numbers such as"abandonment rate" and "conversion rate" to grasp their customers. The Internet and the systems have the advantage in being able to see the numbers, which led to accelerating the “number-focused” trend.
However, are we able to create new value, added values or increase our future competitiveness just by “growth hacking” these numbers, focusing on efficiency and automation?

To be honest, I am skeptical about this, and that is why PLAID focuses on data, technology, and most of all, people.

We need to create an environment where customers can leverage data/technology to understand each user, making the most of their intuition and creativity, instead of just looking at numbers or learning to use the tools.By expanding our idea to every aspect of business and service, i.e., shifting the purpose of work from numbers back to people, we can maximize the performance of people and enhance the value of companies.We believe that being able to provide such value will enable each user, in other words, consumers, to enjoy even more fulfilled lives with better experiences.

Plaid will continue to work with people and businesses to maximize the value of companies and create a society where all people can enjoy a better experience through data.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have been supporting us and for your continued support of our business.

Go Inefficient

No matter how much times change, people must always come first.
We strive to help increase happiness for people and society by bringing out the best of human value, utilizing technology and data.

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