Realizing a Society Where Diverse People Can Fulfil Their Potential

"Leveraging Ideas and Creativity Generated by People" is the key philosophy for our product development. This aligns with the general concept of "Diversity and Inclusion", which aims for a society where all people can live life being true to theirselves and fulfill their potential. In a society where people of diverse gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, religions, beliefs, disabilities, ethnicities, nationalities, races, ages, and other traits live, we will continue our corporate activities to realize a more enriched society by providing products that enable these individulas to fulfil their potential.

As with our product philosophy, our organization consisting of employees with all different backgrounds, is structured based on the philosophy of us believing in the power of individuals and fostering a culture where people learn from each other with mutual respect. At the same time, we will continue to create an environment that facilitates diverse workstyles suited to each employee’s lifestyles, allowing them to concentrate in the business.

Development and Provision of KARTE, Our Core Business
Development and Provision of KARTE, Our Core Business

KARTE is a product we provide to businesses so that they can truly understand their customers based on data. It is a one-stop solution for conducting communications tailored to customers’ emotions and behaviors. As KARTE gets implemented by increasingly more corporations and government offices, consumers are able to receive more personalized services based on individual needs, have their problems promptly resolved online, and give feedback about services in a much more casual way.

Based on data, people think, implement new ideas. Then they think again along data of the result or feedback. We, with KARTE, envision a future where society can always become better by applying this cycle in all different scenes in life.

Creating Opportunities Through Non-Hierarchial, Transparent Internal Communication
Creating Opportunities Through Non-Hierarchial, Transparent Internal Communication

We disclose information such as sales and key management indicators as transparently as possible to our employees. This is done as part of an effort to form an organizational culture where all employees can participate in important discussions before decisions regarding business strategies and product development.
Based on the idea that "it’s riskier not to try," we use a flat organizational structure with as few approval processes as possible so that various projects and other initiatives can be quickly executed on a small scale and have their value verified.

Extensive Learning Opportunities for Employees
Extensive Learning Opportunities for Employees

As a company that is focused on recruitment and has many mid-career employees, we provide training for all new employees on subjects including personal information protection, security, and all matters that surround our business and organization.
We also provide different onboarding training programs for each job category. Learning and self-improvement are highly encouraged within the company in order for each individual to perform at a high level so we bear the costs for employees to participate in the external training programs of their choice. We also actively provide learning opportunities, such as SQL courses taught by our engineering employees, as well as training programs for our designers and product developers taught by external lecturers.

Unique Benefit Package for Employees
PLAY-AID Holiday
We offer an additional paid leave system in addition to legally-mandated paid vacations.
Every employee is eligible for the system regardless of the date they joined.
PLAY-AID Allowance
We offer every employee an expense with no restrictions on how it is used.
Employees have the absolute freedom to chose their own most productive work style.

We believe that in order for employees to perform at a high level, increasing their flexibility in their working environments and workstyles is essential. In addition to implementing a remote working option even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we also have a unique "PLAY-AID Holiday" leave system. It allows employees with as many days of leave as they need regardless of how long they have been with the company. This creates an environment where employees can easily take time off for themselves and their families, for situations such as childbirth and other health issues.
Another unique system we have introduced is "PLAY-AID Allowance," which provides employees with advanced funds for business expenses with no restrictions on their use. This minimizes operational inefficiencies related to expense reimbursements for minor expenditures.

Information Security

Through our business, we want to make it easy for everyone to deliver personalized service experiences. KARTE is a service that allows website owners to analyze the characteristics of site visitors in real time and provide "hospitality" optimized for those characteristics. In order to analyze the characteristics of visitors, information on each visitor such as their personal information, behavioral history, and purchase history is required. The information like this that we handle is valuable to our customers and is extremely important as the foundation of our business.

We recognize the importance of protecting information assets from risks such as the leakage, damage, and loss of information. All of our employees, including our executives, are required to comply with our Basic Policy on Information Security and engage in activities to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets and other aspects of information security. Further, we have established a Risk Management Committee to conduct risk assessments and assure regulatory compliance. We are also conducting activities to continuously improve our information security management through certification processes including ISO/ISMS (27001, 27017) and PrivacyMark. In addition, we emphasize security education for our employees and undergo external security audits at least once a year. Corporate Governance Reports

Protection of Personal Information and Data

We recognize the importance data including personal information, and strive to protect it appropriately. We have also stipulated privacy policies, SLAs, and security white papers for our services in an effort to ensure the stable provision of services and the preservation of information.

That said, we cannot protect personal information and data on our own. We also encourage our clients and partners who use KARTE to handle information appropriately.

As a result of these efforts, we have not had any major security incidents, disputes, or other issues to date.

Intellectual Property

We are promoting a business that integrates our proprietary technology and intellectual property. We are also striving to assure our market superiority and contribute to a sustainable society through initiatives such as the protection of our intellectual property rights, effective utiliziation of those rights and the pursuit of innovation.